We offer Gloves, Bibs/Pants, Jackets and Boots and Goggles for rent during the snow play & ski season.

For a first time snow play or long time skier or snowboarder the right gear is essential to a warm and comfortable time in the snow. Dressing the right way can make all the difference between a priceless snow day experience or cold wet misery. Below we outline what is recommended to wear for a day of snow play to heavy skiing or snowboarding. If you have any questions about what you should prepare for to make your experience more pleasurable, email us, we'd love to help- hello@snowdayrentals.com. As we grow we will aim to provide more of these snow essentials for rent or purchase through our site!


What to Wear, Three Essential Layers!

(1) Base Layer- long underwear and socks:

This is your foundation. It is essential for staying warm and dry. For casual snow play of a few hours you and your kids should be fine in any long sleeved clothing underneath (jammie shirts work great) and most socks. For longer snow play or performance skiing or snow boarding stick with Wool blends, silk or synthetic technical fabrics as they wick away moisture.  Avoid cotton for long snow days, skiiing or snowboarding because it hold moisture to your skin.

(2) Insulation Layer:

For many families just heading to the mountain for a few hours of snow play the base and outer layer might be enough. We would recommend adding a fleece hat, beanie or head band inside your Snow Bunny's hood and a scarf or turtle neck under their jacket. A lighter fleece jacket can serve as a great layer for a more relaxed lunch in lodge, depending on availability we can provide you one of those with your bundle.

If it is a super chilly day and you are heading out for a long day of skiiing or snowboarding we'd highly recommend this extra layer against the cold. , Neck gaiters can pick up where turtle necks stop, keeping you toasty on your runs. Also if you are a regular on the chair lifts, avoid scarves as they can present safety risks.

(3) Outer Layer:

Our goal is to help you keep snow out! Make sure your sleeves are long enough and you have enough overlap between your jacket and pants so snow doesn't make its way in. 

Waterproof gloves or mittens with insulation are all you need, and we have you covered!  

Sunglasses are perfect for sunny days, if it is snowing, goggles are a must. On cloudy days where visibility is low and you are skiiing or snowboarding goggles are preferred. If you have contacts and are skiing or snowboarding you probably want goggles due to the dry air. We do have some goggles for rent.

Helmets- growing in popularity, especially for children. Helmet protection for skiiers or snowboarders or long fast sledding are part of a solid, better safe than sorry protection plan. You can purchase them or rent them at Ski Lodges. Snow Day Rentals does not rent helmets.